Inventos: Hip Hop Cubano


Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi is a graduate of Tish School of the Arts at New York University. Eli's first full-length film documentary,"Inventos: Hip Hop Cubano", premiered in Havanna, Cuba and has toured successfully across the U.S.

Cuban Hip Hop provides a unique insight into the realities and politics of contemporary Cuba. Experience this as Inventos follows some of the pioneers of this musical movement to their homes, the stage and as they travel abroad for the first time. Inventos embodies the true spirit of Hip Hop, which is to build something that is powerful and useful out of what is seemingly impossible.

Just as Hip Hop in the U.S. began as a form of creative self expression bringing awareness to oppressive social conditions, Cuban Hip Hop demonstrates the innovative and indestructible spirit born from a people suppressed by the U.S. embargo on Cuba. Inventos, serves as a reminder of the political consciousness through which this music was created. Thirty years after its conception, and in spite of commercialisation, Hip Hop culture continues to give voice to people who refuse to be silenced, ignored and cut off from the larger society. The film shows how both cultures reflect similar social struggles and if brought together, could transcend cultural barriers and build a collective community dedicated to spreading messages of truth and empowerment globally. Jacobs-Fantauzzi's film rekindles an essence of the old school, which will inpsire and reawaken the eyes of our present generations.


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