Documenting international hip hop scene documenting the movements in Cuba, Ghana, Mexico, Colombia, Israel, Dominican Republic, and more. In partnership with La Pena Cultual Center, & Clenched Fist Productions produce the annual FistUp Film Festival, a celebration of films that change people's lives.



Revolucion Sin Muertos ll Revolution Without Death

A documentary film about "Youth in Medellin, Colombia who are using Hip Hop to grow a Peace Movement"



HomeGrown: HipLife in Ghana

HomeGrown: HipLife in Ghana' is a documentary film about VIP (Vision In Progress), the most famous HipLife music group in Africa and documents their journey from the Muslim ghetto in Accra, to their first international tour. They grow from being teenagers with a shared dream, to musicians with fans around the world.



Inventos: Hip Hop Cubano

Cuban Hip Hop provides a unique insight into the realities and politics of contemporary Cuba. Experience this as Inventos follows some of the pioneers of this musical movement to their homes, the stage and as they travel abroad for the first time. Inventos embodies the true spirit of Hip Hop, which is to build something that is powerful and useful out of what is seemingly impossible.




The Breaks Interactive Videographer
Living Word Project’s fifth production, a multimedia excursion across planet hip hop, presented in cinema, contemporary movement, and verse. The Breaks dramatically shows the living history of the hip hop generation through the personal narrative of one poet. The project was funded by the Irvine Foundation and will have a premiere in June 2008 at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

i of motion us of movement Co-Dir. / Co-Cinematographer/Co-Editor
A Documentary about women in the Bay Area who express them selves though the four elements of Hip-Hop. Made as a student film at UC Berkeley and selected to premier at the Pacific Film Arches (TRT: 23min)

Video Shorts

Barley Audible Co-Director/ Cinematographer
In this film, a teenage girl in Brooklyn reflects on womanhood, pregnancy, love, and destiny, all the while trying to stay alive. Witten and performed by Chinaka Hodge. Broadcast on Reel New York—Chanel 13. (TRT: 4min)

FreeTown vs CashMoney Director/ Editor
This short film shows the contrast of Bling-Bling images of diamonds with graphic footage from the war in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Narration by the poet Kahlil Amustafa. Shown in his national tour. (TRT: 12min)


Interactive Projects:

Where My Ladies At? Cinematographer
The Black Filmmakers Foundation (New York) produced this project to be shown on the Black Entertainment Television (B.E.T.) Web site. This interactive documentary follows three people, Keisha, Cielo and 01. The project focuses on one issue: the sexual objectification of women in Hip Hop.

The Poor Will Always Be With Us Cinematographer/ Editor
Jan 2005 This project was funded by Microsoft Research (Bangalore, India). It utilizes an online interactive film format, which includes video, blogs, and teaching tools, to create a forum for global audiences to discuss the issues of technology, community and education.


Bonsem (Clap with Me) Director
A music video for Vision in Progress, the number one hip hop group in Ghana. It is being shot on location in Ghana, New York and Los Angels.
Produced by Boogie Down Nima Productions.
(anticipated TRT: 4min)

Never Again
This music video was shot on location at the slave dungeons of Cape Coast, Ghana, in West Africa. It is airing in Ghana on Metro TV and TV3.
(TRT: 5min)

Besin (Follow Me)
This music video shows the daily life of the Hip-Life artists, Vision In Progress, living in
the Muslim ghetto of Accra, Ghana. It Aired on Metro TV, TV3 and MTV South Africa
for three months as the number one music video in Ghana. (TRT: 5min)

Agent Orange Co-Director
This music video starkly illustrates the atrocities of war. It documents those that sacrificed their lives in the war, as well as those who protested against it. Lyrics by the rapper Pharaoh Monch. Produced by Rawkus Records. (TRT: 3min)


Attik Album Release DVD
This video contains performances by Hip Hop legends, as well as Bay Area artists.

B-Girl Be
Shot for the highly anticipated DVD about woman in Hip Hop. The summit showcased
B-Girls from around the world. (Anticipated TRT: 100min)