Where My Ladies At? is a "next generation" interactive film about Ho's, Hip Hop, and Sexuality.

Where My Ladies At? encourages dialogue about "pop culture porn" through blogs, video diaries, SMS forums, conversations with female Hip Hop pioneers, and a PSA video competition for youth.

Award-winning filmmaker, Leba Haber Rubinoff, created the project online because the internet is accessible, free and anonymous. She says, "Young people need a place to express themselves and ask questions. We're sold the idea that this "pornified" sexuality is empowering, but we need to know what young women think is sexy and powerful."

Although Where My Ladies At? targets Hip Hop, the film tackles larger societal issues, "Women of color are seen as sexual objects and not as people but as commodities and property," says Toni Blackman, US State Department's Hip Hop Cultural Ambassador, who is featured on the website.

The film is both a critique and celebration of Hip Hop, and women's accomplishments are showcased in a timeline of artists and pioneers.

Dr. Roxanne Shante, a Hip Hop pioneer who has her PhD in Psychology, says, "Where My Ladies At? is the true blueprint for females in Hip Hop. Finally a film that showcases female talents, not just their assets. Now I know where my ladies at!"

Let's Talk About Ho's

Women lead the fight to reclaim HIP HOP

Where My Ladies At? is funded by Ford Foundation, and is a project of The Black Filmmaker Foundation.